6Reasons to Visit Halong Bay

  • Scenery


    When it comes to scenery, Halong Bay can just be described as a 'wow'. Known for its thousands of rocks and caves emerging out of emerald water, Halong Bay has won numerous world recognitions as well as charmed millions of visitors through our the years. As you slowly explore the Bay, you will go from one surprise to another: one cannot stop asking himself/herself 'how could nature have gifted human such a wonder!'.

  • Culture


    In Vietnam, culture is something that is always there to impress you, and Halong Bay is no exception. Taking a trip to Halong Bay and you will feel a part of Vietnamese's Northern coastal life which is significantly different from it is in the centre and the south: Some make a living on the floating villages - others serve delicious fresh seafood which they just caught from the sea.

  • Cruise tours
    Cruise tours

    Cruise tours

    It is not exaggerating to say that cruise tours make an important feature of Halong Bay. Each cruise and junk has a different itinerary that takes one to visit caves and helps one experience local life on water. These cruise tours often include transfer from Hanoi to the Bay, food on board and a knowledgeable tour guide who will assist you all through your trip. Lodging varies in style and quality from inexpensive, party-style to extremely luxury ones.

  • Food


    Halong is famous for its seafood: crabs, prawns, sea clams among strange native specialties (check out Food section to learn more about these specialties). If you stay in one of the hotels on land, make sure you visit one of our recommended restaurants in town to experience authentic Halong Bay cuisines.

  • Value for money
    Value for money

    Value for money

    Halong Bay can be said to be one of the best places to travel in Southeast Asia, especially in terms of value-for-money. Whatever budget you spare for your trip, you will get more than what you expect. This is thanks to the low hotel costs and excellently organized cruise tours. For example, from only $70/ person you can get food and boarding along with an exciting cruise program for 2 day 1 night.

  • Unique experience
    Unique experience

    Unique experience

    Ultimately, it is the unique experience that you have in Halong Bay that counts the most. Imagine waking up in the beautiful sunrise amid the rocks, islets and caves. Some will remember their cave dinner for a lifetime while others enjoy the breathtaking view from a mountain top that gives a bird-eye view of the Bay. All of these second-to-none moments are awaiting you in Halong Bay.

Panorama Restaurant

Address: 168 Halong road, Baichay ward, Halong city, Quang Ninh province, Vietnam


Tel: 84.33.3845845/48 - 3844802/05 | Fax: 84.33.3845849 - 3844806

Website: saigonhalonghotel.com

Saigon Halong Panorama Restaurant is considered one of the most beautiful restaurants in town. Well-designed windows and terrace provide customers a panoramic view of the charming Halong Bay. The food quality is also top notch, compare to other famous restaurant in Halong.

Panorama restaurant has a capacity of 250 guests. Besides an amazing menu and the perfect view, customers also come to the restaurant for the unique architecture and interior decoration. The inner space of the restaurant is a harmonious combination of Western and Eastern style. A broad terrace, a semi-circle glass door, and windows allow customers to observe the magnificent scenery from the inside is another unique feature that makes the restaurant outstanding.

The menu at Panorama focuses on Eastern and Vietnamese cuisine, particularly the fresh seafood which is often regarded as the second wonder of Quang Ninh province. In addition, the restaurant also serves European dishes for those who prefer Western to Eastern cuisine. The food is served in both set menu and a la carte menu, with carefully selected ingredients in order to preserve the original taste of the food and to ensure hygiene requirement.

The restaurant opening hours is from 6:00am to 10:00pm, but mostly for breakfast from 6:00am to 9:30am, lunch from 11:30am to 1:30pm, and dinner from 6:00pm to 10:00pm. Panorama also has delivery service for the opening hours.

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