Halong Bay Weather in May

May marks the start of a hot summer although the heat in this month is by and large endurable. It is in fact one of the best months to visit Halong.

Summer officially starts in Halong bay in May with the average temperature of 27.5oC.  Night time temperature is at 24oC while the maximum day time temperature can spike to 31oC. The day is filled with sunshine for 6hrs and the daylight time can last for 13hrs. 14 days of rain and 192mm of rainfall makes the level of humidity and discomfort on land increases. This makes diving into the sea water of 27oC tempting. Bringing flipflops, shorts, tanktops and most importantly sunscreen is recommended.

Tips: May is secretly known as the best month to travel. The weather is just perfect for water based activities such as swimming and kayaking. From May to September, it is considered low season for tourism so most cruise agents will have special summer promotion starting from May 1st.

√  Average temperature: 27.5oC 

√  Average sea Temperature: 27oC

√  Monthly rainfall: 192mm

√  Average hours of sunshine per day: 6