Halong Bay Weather in March

March sees subtle changes in season from cold winter to humid Spring. It is a good time to visit Halong Bay nevertheless.

With the first 2 weeks of March still carrying the leftover winter chilly weather, the later half of the month is seemingly warmer, signifies the start of spring in Halong Bay. The maximum temperature in March increases to 22oC and the minimum temperature at night time is at 17oC. With warmer temperature, the number of wet days in Halong bay during this month increases to 13 days with the total rainfall is 43mm. The length of daylight increases to 12hrs/day and the sunshine length is at 3 hours per day. The average sea temperature slowly rises to 22oC.  

√  Average temperature: 19.5oC 

√ Average sea Temperature: 22oC

√ Monthly rainfall: 43mm

√ Average hours of sunshine per day: 3