Halong Bay Weather in July

July is one of the rainiest season in Halong Bay. However, you will benefit greatly from the many promotions for cruise trips here.

July marks the start of rain season in Halong with a spike in rainfall to 474mm. This amount is distributed in 15 days in the month. The maximum and minimum temperature as well as the average temperature remains roughly the same as June at 32oC, 26oC, 29oC respectively. 7 hours of blazing sun is expected during the 13 hours of daylight everyday. You will feel extremely sweaty and uncomfortable in this high temperature and humidity level. Bringing an umbrella and apply plenty of sunscreen helps to prevent being soaking wet in the rain and getting sunburnt.  

√  Average temperature: 29oC 

√  Average sea Temperature: 30oC

√  Monthly rainfall: 474mm

√  Average hours of sunshine per day: 7