Halong Bay Weather in February

The average temperature in February is higher in January, making it a more comfortable time to travel to Halong Bay.

Being the last month in the winter, the average temperature in February in Halong is slightly higher at 17.5oC. This is because the lowest temperature at night increases to 15oC. However the number of sunshine for the month decreases to only 2hrs/day compared with 3 hours in January. The amount of rainfall increases to 39mm/month for the 10 wet days in the month. This starts to indicate the gradual change to spring in March before entering spring season. The sea temperature sustains at 21oC.

* Tips: In early February, Lunar New Year Holiday often takes place and some cruise can stop running for a maximum of 5 days, including the popular Dragon Pearl Junk. Therefore make sure you check your calendar in advance.

√  Average temperature: 17.5oC 

√  Average sea Temperature: 21oC

√  Monthly rainfall: 39mm

√  Average hours of sunshine per day: 2