Halong Bay Weather in April

April is a good month to visit Halong Bay as there are few risks of storm and the weather is very accommodating for an outdoors trip.

This month marks the start of the ideal time to visit Halong bay. April has a maximum temperature of 26oC and the minimum temperature of 20oC. The number of sunlight during the day increases to 4hrs. The day light times starts to lengthen to 13hrs/day. It is also worth noting that the amount of the rainfall increases to 79mm for a length of 13 wet days. This increases in temperature and rainfall makes the heat and humidity discomfort level increases though it is still reasonably comfortable. The sea temperature is warmer, good for swimming at 24oC. 

√ Average temperature: 23oC 

√ Average sea Temperature: 24oC

√ Monthly rainfall: 79mm

√ Average hours of sunshine per day: 4