Ecotourism in Halong Bay

Ecotourism has become a new touristic trend all over the world. This form of tourism does not only bring exciting and unique experiences of wonderful beauty of the nature to tourists, but also promotes tourists awareness about environment protection and sustainable development. Ecotourism benefits the local economic growth as well as cultivates respect for different cultures and for human rights. With many delicate, pristine, and fairly undisturbed natural areas, Halong Bay is a perfect place to develop ecotourism. However, Halong Bay ecotourism is still immature and lack of options.

In Halong Bay, ecotourism is offered to tourists by luxurious cruises mostly, via a program from local administration named “The eco tag”. According to this program, whichever cruise is qualified in term of equipment, capability, and experience (which is assessed by tourism administrators), is titled “Green Sails”. This title allows the cruise to conduct ecotourism activities in Halong Bay. However, ecotourism programs by these cruises are quite simple, with only few options such as guiding tourists to rare coral areas, primitive sea region, and exploring mysterious caves under rocky islands in this bay. These activities are often associated with water sports, including kayaking and diving.

Halong Bay is not one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World for nothing. The gorgeous and unspoiled beauty is just one of its suitable features for ecotourism. It is promising to develop ecotourism with Halong Bay magnificent landscape with two thousand rocky islands and emerald color ocean. It is also a crime to visit Halong Bay without a venture to any grottoes or caves. A trip to Halong Bay would remain in any tourist’s memory as a wonderful journey to the state of nature.

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