Adventure tourism in Halong

In Vietnam, adventure tourism is not a popular concept. Those who want an exotic adventure should not miss the chance to embark themselves into Vietnamese tropical forests, caves, or other natural areas. Halong bay is an excellent choice with two thousand islands and countless caves.

The most popular activity in Halong City is kayaking and is generally provided by luxurious cruises in the bay. This might not be as mysterious and dangerous as real adventure trips, but you can still have plenty of fun. While some just want to kayak around their cruise, others prefer to explore deep caves in the rock islands.

Talking about rock island, Halong Bay is known for being a perfect place for rock climbing. However, there is no official agency in this bay that possesses the adequate ability and equipment to conduct this activity just yet. Tourists have to prepare their own equipments and do a research about Halong Bay rock climbing or they can contact VietClimb, a Vietnamese rock climbing club.

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