Things to do

Serving as an travel guide for all travelers (both domestic and international) who desire to have a trip to the charming Halong Bay, www.halongbay.info provide useful and adequate information about various fields of tourism in this bay, including what travelers can and must do while they are here. This consists of things to do in diverse sections, but can be categorized into three major classes, including things to do before travel, things to do while travelling and things to do after the trips. Not only the details of these are introduced, but also the recommendation on reputable suppliers and firms that provide these services in best quality. In addition to some things that tourists should do, some must-not-do things which might cause issues to their trip are also listed out.  Information here presents almost no commercial benefits for any individual or organization, but only one purpose that to help travelers to have the best Halong trip they can experience when they come here.