Activity is a crucial part of every trip and with the “Halong Activities”, travelers are given detail about anything that should be done when travelling to Halong Bay, and how to do these things in the most unforgettable ways. There are hundreds of activities at this bay, but with limited resources, we are only able to introduce some of those, but we ensure that what are presented are the most must-do activities while traveler visit Halong, and there will be a great pity if tourists cannot enjoy these joyful activities.


The section provide updated detail about activities, including an introduction, a brief of how and where the activities could be organized, experience participants can have during the actions, and other useful information, like the fee, safety requirement or reputable suppliers of these services. Additionally, tips to enjoy these activities greatly are also available, as suggestions for your trips. Please be notice that we do not suggest itineraries that you should follow, but we list out all greatest attractions and their best features for tourists to select what they are going to visit to meet their demand.