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At no cruise in Halong Bay can you customize your own way to explore the bay like at the Peak. Making the impossible possible, here at the Peak, the crew listens to you wishes and preferences and arranges your cruising route accordingly. A number of different excursions and activities are suggested for guests so that they will feel at ease among hundreds of islets, beaches and also fishing villages of the bay. Allowing guests to personalize the service on board, Paradise Peak Cruise brings one-of-a-kind cruising experience with first-class service quality that guests will treasure every precious moment with the Peak for the rest of their lives.

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It is needless to flatter more the unrivalled reputation of the famous 5-star Paradise Cruise Line in Ha Long Bay. Paradise Peak is the latest masterpiece of this powerful and prestigious family launched in January 2012 with the concept of providing a supreme level of luxury and surpassing all traditional boundaries of standard services a cruise can offer to guests aboard.
Similar to its fellow Paradise Luxury in size and appearance, Paradise Peak has a surprisingly small number of cabin (only 8), which makes its cabins extremely spacious (38 to 42 square meters) that not many other cruises can compare with. There are 3 cabin categories: junior suite, superior suite and premium suite – all suites are elegantly designed and furnished with high-class facilities to ensure maximum comfort. One unique feature of the cruise is that each cabin has its own private dining area where guests can ask the crew to set up their private sumptuous meals.
With the aim to provide exceptional service, Paradise Peak Cruise is the one and only cruise in Halong Bay to offer butler service in each and every suite. The butler will welcome you from the very first step you set on board, assist with every personal request and facilitate your travel with advice based on his profound knowledge and experience of the bay. The Peak is also proud of its largest spa facilities as well as its only library and fitness room among all cruises in Halong Bay. Spa treatment on Peak with various service types is a truly rewarding experience that will soothe and energize your body, mind and soul with high level of privacy treated by some of the most expertise therapists with good hearts.

Dining at Paradise Peak reaches the highest class level just like any 5-star restaurants on land with special a la carte menu offering a wide selection of refined dishes blending Vietnamese flavor and international delicacies made from the finest and freshest ingredients of the local area. The extensive wine list together with exquisite assortment of various cocktails and beverages will surely be great appetizers for a filling meal. For a complete intimate experience, the meals can be served in your suite, by the window or on your private balcony. Your trip can become even more fascinating with the dining option in a primitive cave or on a secluded beach; the Peak can make it all. Why not surprise your partner with this once in a life time experience?

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