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Being inspired by classical Eastern junks in 13th-14th century, three cruises under Indochina Sail Cruise line have a same theme of wood and silk. The exterior design makes the cruises look like traditional junks sailing in Halong Bay in 13th-14th century and they are made of an extremely rare aromatic wood named gỗ hương. Last but not least, the whole cruises are decorated with silk from Van Phuc Village (Hanoi), the most reputable silk village in the Vietnam.

While all of the three cruises under Indochina Sail Cruise Line have only 15 cabins each ship, the owner put a lot of effort in the architecture of every single cabin and service quality. All cabins are equipped with 3-star standard amenities and furniture, including private bathroom with shower and air-conditioner. The newest cruise of this line, Indochina Sail 3, is decorated with ceramic masterpieces from Bat Trang ceramic village, the most famous ceramic village in Vietnam.

Itineraries of Indochina Sail Cruise are quite similar to others in Halong Bay, but on the second day of its 3 days 2 nights trip, passengers have a chance to get on a smaller “Day Boat” with adequate amenities, but without private cabins. This kind of boat provides passengers with more flexibility to places that cannot be approached by the giant cruises.

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  • Bien Mo floating restaurant

    Address: 35 Ben Tau, Bach Dang, Halong

    Opening hours: 6.00 AM to 12.00 PM (All days)

  • Kim Hang Restaurant

    Address: 123 Halong Road, Halong City, Quang Ninh Province

    Opening hours: 7.00 AM to 10.00 PM (All days)