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Dragon Pearl Junk strikes an attractive appearance with its rich deep red, against the blue of the sea and the green of the mountains. Newly introduced in 2010, the junk has 11 cabins and a dining room and a bar. The cruise is designed with traditional wooden boat design with sails, making a memorable scene in the Halong bay landscape. 
Entering one of the cabins, tourists will be greeted by a warm striking red accent, bringing a sense of cosy back-in-time warmth. While the rooms are designed with wooden material, they are no less modern with air conditioning, individual bathroom, a night table and a closet. Though the cabins are not particularly spacious, it is fully equipped to give you the best rest on board. The dining room and bar intrigue passengers with teak and oak design.  The dining room is big but cosy enough for a romantic dinner or family gathering. The front deck is the wheel house and a spacious lounge area for viewing the open scenery. For a more quiet and secluded place, the rear deck is covered lounge area, perfect for indulging in your favourite book while cruising away. The bar and upper deck is the place to chill, sipping your favourite drink or simply hanging out with friends.
No matter the length of your cruise package in Halong Bay, Dragon Pearl Junk will take you to the off the beaten track, where not many have been to. It could be a fascinating cave with bizarre karst formation, or a secluded beach where you can swim leisurely, or an interesting fishing village where the lives of the people intrigues you. Beside exciting itinerary, there are plenty added activities provided such as kayaking, dinner in a cave and midnight fishing. Meals on board are no less exceptional. A la carte breakfast or sumptuous BBQ are always ready with the most delicious dishes. Special diets are also accommodated.  Despite its rustic appearance, Dragon Pearl Junk is fully equipped with safety equipment so that you have a peace of mind throughout the trip. Safety instructions are given to ensure everything goes smoothly. The crew are always helpful with your requests. Cruising in Halong Bay with Dragon Pearl Junk will be a pleasant experience.

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