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Launched in March 2012, Au Co cruise is one of the newest of the first-class cruises in Ha Long Bay. Possessing a white old French architectural exterior design, the cruise is a masterpiece with harmonious modern elements combined with classical features. It recalls classical French ships sailing at this charming bay hundred years ago and the feeling is even more apparent inside. 



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Currently, Au Co is also one of the largest cruises in Ha Long. The capacity of Au Co Cruise is 32 cabins, including 4 suites, 14 executive, 12 deluxe, and especially 2 family deluxe cabins, with 66 berths and luxurious amenities, mostly made from wooden.  

In addition to all those sumptuous cabins, there are a vast variety of international standard services such as sundeck, bar, restaurant, and message services. High quality food and beverages are served in a cozy space with well made furniture. Passengers will be impressed with a diverse range of tasty dishes at the restaurant, from Vietnamese cuisine to Western cuisine. Moreover, good drinks on the sundeck bar and magnificent landscape of the bay will make it feel like paradise on Earth. 

On the three days trip on Au Co cruise, passengers will have the chance to visit many charming places in Ha Long Bay and also gulf of Tonkin, including Cat Ba Island, Lan Ha Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay. The cruise also offers various activities such as kayaking or scuba diving. The three days trip on Au Co cruise will remain in tourists’ heart as one of their most beautiful trip ever.


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